A snowflakes kiss {...
By MySanityWasTaken
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Karl looked up as a small snowflake swayed its way down from the, sky softly landing itself on the tip of Karl's nose, he shook his head a little at the chill "It's like a kiss" He chuckled before his eyes met Sapnap's, a blush instantly trickling itself over his cheeks. The color from the sunset illuminated Sapnap's skin making it appear slightly golden and his dark eyes seemed to shine, piercing their way into Karl's soul. Sapnap walked closer to Karl and slid his hands gently across his smaller waist pulling him close, both instantly feeling warmer. Sapnap places his forehead to Karl's and simply let out a cute giggle with his signature "hehe hi!~" Karl smiled, heart racing but feeling weirdly calm. A snowflake floats its way down and rests on Sapnap's cheek, Karl swipes it away softly with his thumb, letting his hand linger on Sapnap's cheek. "Like.. a kiss right?"

Like a Kiss right?

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A snowfla...
by MySanityWasTaken