One in a million
By BB_the_goddess
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Hey there im Y/n me and my mom just moved to Atlanta. Where everybody wants to be stars. Me not so much I wanna just be a producer or a DJ. I'm really the only girl who isn't pressed for fame. Oh but here's the problem Im gay and every dude is convinced they can "turn me" like nigga this ain't twilight. I like girls strictly that's it. Yo wassam I'm Christain. I'm from Atlanta and Im a pretty play boy. I heard about the new girl in my neighborhood. I'm known for turning girls straight. Usually lesbians go out with Bi sexual girls and the cheat on them with a nigga like me and then they say to hell with women and come to a nigga like me. I wouldn't mind turning the new girl though. She fine as hell. This could be fun

Chapter 1

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One in a...
by BB_the_goddess