Burning Betrayal
By frnchtoast
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❝ I know you recognized me because, behind the mask that you wore that night, I immediately knew who you were. ❞ After the sudden death of Chase Harper and the love of his life, it's a miracle for Clare Florence to be able to communicate with the boy. Although both are clueless as to why it all happened, they scampered their ways to know every bit of information. Throughout the years of trying to help him, Chase's partner began to interfere with both of them. Her angered heart and furious thoughts wanted nothing else but revenge; yet the boy's heart had nonentity except for the burning feeling he had kept in his chest. With her hindering the two, can Clare and Chase disclose everything they had yearned for? Or will they let everything that had happened tolerate all their years of hard work? ━━━━━━ a novelette with short chapters ↪ word count per chapter: 175-575 words ↪ word count of the book: currently at 13,588 status: ON HIATUS! date started | april.20.2021 date completed | main characters' aesthetics are made by @Im_hella_bored

Burning Betrayal

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Burning B...
by frnchtoast