The Badasses vs The...
By nerdyweirdos
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"You guys are dead." Jacob threatened. "No we're not" I said calmly. "Oh yes you are." Jay said. "Go ahead and try. See how we react." Rina said, just as calm as me. Jacob took a step towards us. Rina and I looked at each other before screaming like they were actually killing us. The boys winced. "Ok I won't touch you. Gosh" Jacob said and rubbed his ears. "But you will pay." said Jay. They both got up into our faces and I was about to scream again when Jacob said "You have just declared a prank war. Welcome to hell ladies." He pushed past us and walked out the door. Jay winked at us and smiled evilly before following him. "Oh." Rina said "Crap." I finished. "What have we done?" She asked me with a panicked look. -------- Meet Rina and Mira. Two sarcastic, sassy, best friends who were stupid enough to play with fire. Ever since that day in the mall where they accidentally threw a M&M at some random boy, their lives have gone downhill. #34 in Humor on September 24 WARNING: many plot holes and mistakes I'm too lazy to fix

Chapter 1

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