At Liberty and Orde...
By ayato1500
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You are the illegitimate daughter of the Marquess of Mitras. Your father sheltered you from the titans outside the walls but failed to protect you from his own family. Upon having an agreement with his old friend, the Commander of the scout regiment Erwin Smith, you were sent to the scouts for your own safety and for your freedom as well. Your father deemed you as someone with remarkable skills and great potential in combat and the ODM gear and Erwin believed you to be capable of achieving great things that could help humanity. Some did not mind an additional soldier to the scouts but having a random girl from Mitras, the most protected Capital in Eldia did not sit right with Levi Ackerman. ~~~ Before you guys start, I won't be using y/n, f/n, or any of that because it just doesn't go well with me, I'm sorry. You, the reader will have a name given but the pronouns used will be be "you" so it's not a first person's POV. And yes, this would be slow burn since I intend to make them comfortable with each other's company first and develop the "sexual tension" before the romance. Plus, I would also follow the aot timeline but minor (like really) changes would be made regarding some events and I would add my own original characters to make it more entertaining. Lastly, I do not own AOT and its characters. I only added a few original characters so that I can stick with my own plot. Status: ongoing Published: April 17 2021


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At Libert...
by ayato1500