The Story of the Tr...
By inkysparrow
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#1 in Reverse Harem and #2 in Harem on 08/28/2021 #4 in Harem on 9/30/21 #17 in Romance out of 1.91 million stories on 1/16/22 #4 Paranormal 12/11/22 #1 Reverse Harem 1/24/23 and 1/25/23 Featured on Wattpad's official Teen Fiction Reading list for Supernatural Four years ago, Madeline, a half-sidhe girl had to run from the only home she knew, betrayed by the only friend she ever had. Her mother transfigured her into a boy to keep her safe, then abandoned her in San Francisco. The last thing her mother said, was that if she could wait four years, everything would be fine. In two more weeks, she'll be eighteen and everything is NOT FINE! She has been framed, kidnapped, and taken to the Fae world where she'll have to take a series of trials to prove that she is good enough to be queen. It turns out her Mom was the Faerie Queen. She has no choice - if she doesn't do it, her friends will die. Oh, and she'll have to explain to her three friends just why their good pal Matt is suddenly a girl. Plus, there's another problem - she's been forced into an arranged marriage with not just one but seven men. And guess what? Three of the men are her friends! 100,000 or so words. Editing complete. Content advisory: Some language. Discussions of past sexual assault (non-graphic or gratuitous). Some LGBT content. Thanks for all the love! Every like, comment, and add is like a present, so I appreciate them!


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The Story...
by inkysparrow