When Mr.Arrogant Ma...
By moniagnes
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"Get the hell out of my room", he shouted as soon as I entered his room. Is he for real? How can he be this peaceful when I'm not able to sleep a wink last night after that kiss. I really want to smack him now. "Dude..who want to enter this stinking rotten room? I'm here to inform that your parents and my parents are visiting our home today", with that I turned my back and left. He gritted his teeth yet confusion laced in his eyes. "Exactly. You heard it right. You stinking rotten rat", I stuck my tongue out shutting the door. "Isabella Kingston. Come here right now", he roared while I rolled my eyes running fast to my room locking it up. ----------------------------------------------------------- Meet Isabella Collins, 23, CEO of I&C industries, stubborn, sweet woman, who fears romantic relationships. Meet Aaron Kingston ,25, CEO of Kingston industries, arrogant handsome man who doesn't believe in romantic relationships. When Mr.Arrogant and Ms.Stubborn got into an arranged marriage will they fall in love or will they need a divorce to escape from each other? #1 in arrogant #1 in lovehaterelationship (30/05/2021) #1 in bickering (06/07/2021) #1 in husbandandwife (07/07/2021) #1 in wedding (22/10/2021) # 5 in marriage (01/08/2021) # 7 in humor (23/08/2021) #10 in billionaire (31/08/2021) # 11 in Stubborn #12 in love story (04/08/2021) #12 in jealousy (04/08/2021) #19 in newadult (31/07/2021) Read for more.

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When Mr.A...
by moniagnes