Kingdom Of Caza
By sacred_witch
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She was a girl with dreams and now a woman with vision. But things don't go smoothly for a woman when the Kingdom of Caza, itself doesn't allow any women to enjoy their rights and freedom. But a woman with vision and determination is a sign of change. _______________ Arora is 18 years old girl. A dream of becoming a successful businesswoman and starting her own company crept into her mind. But what happens when the alpha of kingdom Caza doesn't allow any women to dominate. It's really difficult to pursue your dream, it gets harder when you fall in love, it gets more difficult when life puts you into a great mess and at times like this a woman feels to submit herself to a man of her life. But life is never fair, you can't be successful without sacrifice. She will either submit herself to a man or she will ditch him and move towards her career. This is what happens most of the time, but be aware of a smart woman maybe she has a PLAN. This whole story will take your ride through sacrifices a woman makes for something she knows but not society. But here the woman gets everything she has dreamt of, her love as well as her dreams. "A Queen moves only when its a perfect time"


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