Missing Her.
By KenZ_Dizzy95
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"Stop it." She whispered her eyes looking down toward her hands. "Stop what?" I asked as I took another step close and leaned against the wall, towering over her. "This-this game," she stuttered then looked up at me fiercely."This is all a game to you, that's why they call you a player." she said, her voice throaty but stern as she back away from me. “If I’m a player, why did I do _____ then?” (no spoilers! lol) "I d-don't know," she started to backtrack. "You're the one who's playing the games, you tell me how it works into it. Probably something so I would be more accepting towards you." She spouted, confusion still on her face. "We're in college, don't you think I have better things to do then scheming about getting you to accept me?" I quirked and eyebrow at her. "You tell me." She shrugged, shaking her head at me before turning to walk away. "You don't know me," I called out in frustration. She turned on her heal, though stayed in place. "I know plenty about you. I heard everything back in high school, I saw most of it, and I know it's the exact same thing as what you are doing here." She ground through her teeth. "Which is what exactly?" I persisted. "Playing with any and every girl you can get your hands on." Without another word, she turned once more and retreated. I wanted to call out to her, tell her she was wrong, that she didn't know what I was really doing. Though, she was partially right about one thing, I've dated many girls. I haven't slept with any of them though, I've barely even kissed them, most of them would initiate the kiss in the first place. But she was wrong about the reasons. I'm no player, and this is no game. This is missing her. © Copy righted 2014 (Book 4 in The Fighter series)


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Missing H...
by KenZ_Dizzy95