Bethany Ford - A Yo...
By bgrayson2017
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[I apologize for how immature this book reads. I wrote this when I was like 14 and haven't fixed it since. Warning: cliche plots and unnecessary cursing ahead] Bethany Ford isn't your average, everyday teenager. At fifteen, she's already mastered more than 12 fighting styles, mastered the art of street-conning, and is already about to live on her own. She can defeat and overcome anything. Well... almost anything. Just when Bethany hits the streets in order to get away from her abusive family, she drops into Gotham City. Literally. With the Motherbox, Bethany is able to travel to a whole new dimension; one that includes the Justice League and their sideki- I mean, apprentices. If holding one of the most powerful objects in the universe isn't hard to believe, meeting the Team is a whole different story. From Kid Flash's constant flirting to Superboy's continuous brooding, the Team fits together like a well-oiled machine, no matter how different they all are. Enter: the alluring, charming, and amusing Boy Wonder. Robin is filled with mischief and adventure, which is everything to distract Bethany. But will she be willing to trust him enough with her secrets? How far will trust go before it breaks? From living in the Wayne Mansion, starting school at Gotham Academy, and joining the Team, everyone knows that trouble is never far from paradise. The big villains begin to take notice of the spirited and talented new heroine. When a threat from the Light is revealed, can she afford to put all her trust in these new magnetic strangers and accept the Team's help? Or will the Light succeed in ensnaring Bethany? Will she ever settle in with the Team, or will they move on without her? Without further ado... a daring, bold, and heart-leaping novel. Prepare to get OVERwhelmed. [COMPLETED]

Bethany Ford

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Bethany F...
by bgrayson2017