The Villainess only...
By Okami12Yuki
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Who knew the 21st century feared assassin, The Black Dragon would crossover to become the arrogant daughter of the Glacies Duke? Artemis Ray, 23, was killed by her former lover in a mission and transmigrated into the 17-year-old body of a sub villainess and half-sister of the innocent heroine from a trilogy novel 'My Grace' Artemis read before she died. Stuck in a fantasy world of a novel that revolves around magic and powerful dragons that rank peoples statis, Artemis the feared assassin and the greatest doctor of the Ryu Organisation will go on an epic journey around Alphyria searching for the one thing that will take her home and back to her older brother who she promised to stay with forever. With magical mythical creatures, goblins, orcs, and ancient dark magic that has been thought to be destroyed long after the great King, Artemis now Diana must fight her way through even without the knowledge of how to use her ice and water magic. Yet who needs magic when you got your trusty assassin weapons and your Katana to slice down giant centipede heads? But when mysteries and secrets begins to unravel in the world Artemis believes to be a only novel, she begins to question and doubt the world of Alphyria itself. Come along an adventure where Artemis Ray, a former assassin, a dramatic fox named Homura and a 12 year old thief, Jackal, who becomes Artemis disciple go on an adventure through Alphyria looking for a crystal of legends as they run from handsome princes who Artemis as their wife, monsters, dark users, a duke who wants her back and not to mention an ex-fiance who chases after her with regrets. This story is original mine and owned by me however the pictures do not belong to me but the original artists. WARNING FEW CHAPTERS MAY BE CRINGE AS I STARTED YOUNG BUT IT DOES PROGRESS BETTER SO BE WARNED Read the reboot version of this novel "The Black Dragon's Reign" if you desire better writing and story telling Started: 12/04/2021

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The Villa...
by Okami12Yuki