Darkness Beyond the...
By SumbodyWrites
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"The most damaged souls present the most prominent future." Strength, rage, and tenacity Running away from home was easy for Kyra, but running from the terrors of her past seems utterly impossible. Swallowing down her fear with darkness, she perfects the art of killing. This dark path leads her to an academy where killers are made. Shooting, hand-to-hand combat, and other skills are all studied in order to create flawless warriors. But the academy is not what she thought it was... Kyra strives to reach the top of the class, demolishing anything in her way, including a certain heartless soldier. Academics are the least of her problems. Hit jobs are given out, giving Kyra the chance to nourish her endless bloodlust.A new conflict arises for Kyra, but without the ability to confide in others, she chooses the hard path of silence. Will she ever get revenge for her past? What happens when her wrath mixes with the callousness of another?

Chapter One

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by SumbodyWrites