Once Upon A Lie (El...
By NerdyIrel
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MATURED CONTENT (R-18) A rich, self-sabotaging, rebel, has been Kiel's alias for years. And he liked it. He loved that people feared him. It makes him powerful and in control. He could do anything and get away with it just because he's part of the elite society. Can Kiel be able to maintain this reputation given that the girl who caught her eyes only seems to favor men who are polite and respectful to others-qualities he does not possess? Or will he choose to change for the better in order to win Lana's heart? ***** Ezekiel Achelaus Valiente Pierera has always been known as the ultimate bad boy in town. His image of being a playboy who always gets into a fight was known to almost everyone living in Serenaville. Being part of the "Duo" and labeled as a thug, nothing ever scares him anymore. However, he gradually changed when he met his opposite, a good girl named Lana. She is everyone's dream, an angel sent from above. But just like any other person, she has her own set of secrets. Will Kiel eventually find out about them or can Lana keep things to herself forever? *** Elite Boys #2 - Kiel & Lana Story Language: Taglish

Once Upon A Lie

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Once Upon...
by NerdyIrel