Denying Draco
By AmyRobinsonAuthor
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✨A Draco Malfoy Fanfiction✨ 🔘Ongoing🔘‼️MATURE‼️ Preview:- "'Disgusting, evil bastard!' Poppy continued, her voice full of pain and emotion as her eyes filled with tears. 'I never said I was otherwise!' he bellowed, his eyes wide and erratic. 'I've always been this way! It's not my fault you somehow thought that would be different for you!'" 'You have some serious fucking problems,' she muttered. 'God knows what fucked up kind of life you've been raised in, but I don't want any part of it anymore.' 'You never were a part of it you fucking imbecile!' he barked. 'I am a Malfoy! I am so far above you on so many levels, you have no fucking idea!'" Summary:- When Poppy Dumbledore, the great, great niece of the renown headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, finally escapes from her boring, simple life in Tinworth after years of being homeschooled and is finally exposed to the real world of magic at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry, she feels like all of her hopes and dreams are coming to life at once. Joining 7th year at Hogwarts, she settles into her house easily, makes several affable friends and thrives in her classes with the prospects of becoming a future Auror. Her life at Hogwarts is everything she dreamed of. There is, however, one other component of her new life that appears to be more of a challenge and tests everything she has yet to discover about herself. Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin student who sets his sights on Poppy with his rude remarks and sarcastic insults. She hears everything her friends warn her about Draco loud and clear, but she can't ignore the strong and instant sexual tension between the pair, not to mention her will to discover whatever it is that he is evidently hiding, causing her to discover a whole new side to Draco and the Wizarding World that she never saw coming. Disclaimer-This is a FANFICTION story based on the HP series. Please read Introduction & Mature warning!!


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Denying D...
by AmyRobinsonAuthor