OC x Rengoku Kyojur...
By mikkuyy__
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Where am I? Who am I? My mother and father keep calling me Chō. Am I Chō? Do I know if these are my parents? They keep making me train. Train harder, work harder, think faster. I don't understand. Why would they do this? Is this what a child is supposed to do? Is this what I'm supposed to be doing? Fighting? They keep telling me about this evil corporation. Demon Slayers. They must be abolished. But why? they never told me why. I'm confused, conflicted, but why do I hate them then? Because they hurt my mother? Because my sister is dead? The mother specified that the Demon Slayer Corps did this to her and my family. Am I supposed to hate them? No one knows of my existence besides my family. They won't let me out in the town, I have to keep training. I have to keep studying. My father taught me how to read and write, it'll be helpful he said. But I feel as if, after all of this, I still don't have an identity. Who am I? I'm a personal hitman for my mother. Seems like that's what I am. No one knows who I am, no one knows what I do, but my purpose is to get rid of this corporation. All of this can change with just a simple encounter. Rengoku Kyojuro will change this.


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OC x Reng...
by mikkuyy__