A Song of Ruin And...
By Brooklyns-Queer
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Reuben Lasting sees the end of the world in his sleep. Guided by only the hazy visions of a place he's never truly seen, he's determined to find the White Witch and put an end to the curse that plagues his home town. But when childhood memories resurface, Reuben has to wonder: Who is the boy who looks so much like him? --- All Barrett has ever known is Snatcher's end. His life is a fog of thievery of fraud; it's whats defined him his whole life. He's determined to make it as a Snatcher, ready to go to extremes to prove that he's loyal. But when those who we cares about are on the line, Barrett has to make a decisions about sticking to the path chosen for him, or finding out who he truly is- or was.

00: Prologue

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A Song of...
by Brooklyns-Queer