Game of survival
By Mini_Peppermint
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Everyone fights for them selves in this world. Eleanor didn't choose to have a luxurious life. It became a curse ever since she had to continue to walk it alone. Every day she wakes up, determined to show that her family's acts don't define her. Lukas never found his place in the world. The balance between his inner desires and a basic survival instinct is dangerously unstable. There is only one person that keeps him sane and every day it becomes a struggle to keep her away. Peter thought he could handle a big company. Unfortunately, it came with much bigger issues than he expected, putting his life in danger. Bree only wanted to find somebody to share her life with. Desperation threw her into a rich man's arms, oblivious to all the dangers it would bring along. Everyone fights for who they are and for what they stand for. Some fights are visible, some are painfully hidden. In the end they all come to the same end point.


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Game of s...
by Mini_Peppermint