Lotus || Asahi Azum...
By -Meimoo-
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In a world where if a soulmate writes on themselves, it'll appear on the other; Asahi sees a jumble of numbers and letters written on his forearm. He doesnt know what they mean, and even after consulting coding and cypher websites it makes no sense. A friend, specifically Daichi, tells him that swimmers do it before a meet to help remember the event they're in. The next day, after drawing a flower on his palm, he goes to the swim practice to find his match. Ezume Take wrote the conglomeration of numbers and letters on her forearm as she always had, and she never expected it would lead her to her soulmate. Asahi was gentle, kind, and patient. She was antagonistic, strong-willed, and sensitive. She never knew that you could rely on someone the way Asahi always told her to; it all startes from a swim meet and a flower.


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Lotus ||...
by -Meimoo-