Blue Peacock (UP FO...
By funtom_bunny
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In the finale of the successful "All the Things She Feels" series, players have switched sides. With Ladybug missing for the second time since Marinette's akumatization, Chat Noir is left to defend Paris on his own, the other kwamis missing. On the other hand, Gabriel can taste victory on his tongue. With the ladybug miraculous in his possession and a new ally, he can almost see the happy ending he and his family deserve. But Nathalie's getting sicker, and Marinette's following right in her footsteps... Will Azura be enough to secure the cat miraculous? But something in the distance is ticking, and Marinette and Adrien have a feeling Hawkmoth was never truly the thing they needed to look out for. All the Things She Feels: Detransform: Mayura Art belongs to Rosa Flores ( (will take down if artist dm's me :D) Graphics made in Canva by me <3<3

Chapter One

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Blue Peac...
by funtom_bunny