Vulture (Hawks Sist...
By Chimera_Regarion
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I was alone for most of my life. My parents hated my quirk. I never could figure out why they hated my wings. For me they were beautiful. Not fitting anywhere I was wondering around until someone was ready to stretch their hands out and accept a lost bird. My name Vulture and I am one of the LOV members that is responsible for holding up the team. They can count on me to get the job done or get them out of a dangerous situation. What will happen if the heroes are after me and I mess up on one of the biggest mission we had? What will happen if I find out that I am not so alone and one more family member? A/N: This is a mha fanstory and I have no idea where this is gonna go ... hope you enjoy! Please also feel free to correct my bad writing. Rights on the pictures go to the artist. I do not own mha, rights to the owner.

Dark Phoenix

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Vulture (...
by Chimera_Regarion