Your Roots Are Show...
By cspencer50
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A captivating collection of personal challenges, tragedies and triumphs, “YOUR ROOTS ARE SHOWING” provides emotive insight and reflection surrounding real life experiences. The personal stories shared in this book are everyday women, everyday hero’s. Sharing their journey of trials, tribulations and having tremendous courage to keep showing up and moving forward, overcoming fear and learning forgiveness and letting go. When facing some of life’s wicked chaos, one of the most important things to remember is… how we recover! Loving ourselves through the process and taking responsibility of our lives…is the most courageous things we can do! It is about Sisterhood and the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences and courage. It takes bravery to show humility, courage, and vulnerability in your own story. We all are a little broken...and that's OKAY.

Your Roots Are Showing

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Your Root...
by cspencer50