His Rain
By 0125_ki
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*NOT EDITED* - "With my other hand, I thrust in and out of her dripping center. Lapping up her juices with my tongue. I claim every bit of her. Every dip, peak, crevice. Every last inch of her is Mine. Mine to fuck, mine to please, mine to hold, all Mine. I pump faster, feeling her tighten around my fingers I can tell she is close to her release. With one last thrust she comes all over my fingers, her body collapses. Her chest heaving up and down, trying to catch her breath. I leave soft kisses up her thighs, her body instantly melts into me. Giving over to me completely." (Ch: 25) - Rain Audra has been enduring her fathers torture since witnessing her mother's suicide at the age of nine. Now, eight years later, at the ripe age of seventeen. She still deals with her abusive alcoholic father. But one day she bumps into a guy that could change her whole life. Tristan King the head of the Italian/America Mafia at the young age of nineteen. Finishing up high school, so he can finally have his full attention on the Mafia. Faces a problem. His plans pause after running into a short, green-eyed girl, who now grasps all his attention. - Running my hands up her arms, I feel goosebumps rise on her soft skin. Leaning down I suck on her neck. She lets out a breathy moan, the sound goes straight to my cock. (ch: 14) - Roughly grabbing my chin, he brings my face to his. "He touched what's mine, princess." (ch: 8) - Started (April 8, 2021) Finished ()


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His Rain
by 0125_ki