Her Selfless Love(...
By suzangill98
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"You told them you love me ,huh?" He asks with a raised eyebrows, jaw hardened and eyes narrowed at the shy girl he has hated all his life. She was afraid of his tone,he didn't looked happy with her confession. Was her love going to be unrequited one? "I fuck*** asked you something Ezra! Answer me!" His tone made her gulp,his grip on her arm made her flinch in fear. "Yes" She finally answered looking into his emotionless eyes. Smirking he laughed at her confession,not believing her. "Ezra,do you even know what love is,Oh I almost forgot you are an Orphan,how would you know?" His words were sharp as knife, piercing her healed wounds. She fisted her hands, trying to control her tears. He sighed in frustration running his hand through his hair. "Now mom will not stop till she has made you her daughter in law! Fu**! Why you!" He said ,pacing the room . Oblivion to the tears ,she tried her best to hide. He didn't love her. He never did, she was a fool to even think that he for once did. Hate is all he had for her and those who said hate is the beginning of love,were fools mocking her right now. Gathering the little pride left in her she answers back in a quivering voice. "Yes,I love you. But I don't want anything from you." She says and he stares.Confused at her weird confession. Who says that ? "Nothing you say? Are you playing some brain games girl?" She lowers her eyes and leaves but not before whispering the words that made him feel something after a very long time. "Love is not something to learn ,but to feel Aaron. And I know what I feel. You may name it infatuation and lust,but I proudly call it my selfless love" ....................................................................


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Her Selfl...
by suzangill98