Muffled words
By 1dkwhoiamyet
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NOT MY FANART George doesn't speak. It started with him getting quieter, then saying less, then only speaking when asked a question. But now? Not at all. All of his life people have just taken another part of him away, and eventually he was too alone to let anyone else near. He trusted no one. Until he finally met up with Clay. Everybody needs saving at some point, and apparently having an in-person-hug with one of his childhood best friends was all he needed. And that could have been it, but when a complicated love-triangle fucks up everything, is it really fair to say that George is better off than when it all started? And all he can do is sit and watch. He spent so long stopping himself, it became a natural thing. But complications exist in every life, and finally George starts to realise he might just be making his own life more difficult. Because he hates silence. And he hates speaking. So when they get more necessary, things begin to change. For George, and for everyone else.


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Muffled w...
by 1dkwhoiamyet