Reincarnated As The...
By hanlinnoona
  • Historical Fiction
  • angst
  • artist
  • brothers
  • bullying
  • death
  • depression
  • family
  • highschool
  • illness
  • isekai
  • maleprotagonist
  • noble
  • novel
  • pain
  • rebirth
  • reincarnate
  • reincarnation
  • royalty
  • school
  • shounen
  • transmigration
  • trauma
  • villain


Mason Davis, a young and poor university student and an orphan was crossing the road after buying the second series of his favourite novel, "Love is a lie" when a truck hit him with full force. Concluding that this was his end, he closed his eyes only to be reincarnated into the first series of his favourite novel. Unfortunately, he had become the hateful villain in the novel with whom he shared the same first name with. Mason Williams Rodolite, A Villain in the novel, "Love is a lie". He was the unfavoured fourth son of the Duke Rodolite. In a family of five, Mason was always hated by his other four family members. Trying to get his father's attention and to prove his brothers his existence, he behaves like an insane person, only making them stay away from him even more. Being the typical villain, he desires the female lead of the novel, Suzie. The male lead, crown prince Henry O'Sullivan Martin Rodriguez hated Mason with all his heart. Him eyeing Suzie just gave him all the more reason to despise him. Mason tried all he could to marry Suzie which ofcourse, resulted in his banishment from the kingdom for the various reasons. Two years after his banishment, Mason died from an illness, for which he didn't have the money to get treated for. Knowing that he had just a few more years to live in this world, Mason Davis decides to avoid the main characters and enjoy his time as much as he can. Will everything go according to Mason's plan or will the plot of the novel change?

Reincarnated As The Dying Villain (Intro)

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by hanlinnoona