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-UNEDIETED AN INNOCENT BEAUTY WHO STOLE HIS STONE COLD HEART.. "You will not get a job anywhere except near me!" He told her trying to calm his inner demon from seeping out. "What but why ?" She questioned in pure confusion to which he only smirked. "Cause I own more than 60 percent of the companies in this city!" He told her arrogantly cornering her near the wall and had his hand beside her head but she seemed unaffected by his close presence. "Oh, then I'll join in the remaining 40 percent companies!" She told him stubbornly biting her lips not knowing what effect it was causing on him, How innocent! "Sweetheart think yourself if I own sixty percent that means I have more power and i will not let anyone give you job!" He said smirking to which she seemed shocked. "What? No!" She said as her shoulders dropped stomping her foot on the floor like a child which made him smile inwardly. So innocent! MEET YAHYA AYDIN the ruthless businessman who owns the succesful chain of luxurious hotel all around the globe, he was tall lean handsome a definite heartthrob with his looks, woman threw themselves at him but he loathes the sight of "women" he hates them with passion. He's cold arrogant bossy and thinks no woman can tame his "untamed heart". MEET ZARA NIAZI a top rated dietitian by profession who holds a respectable position at a very young age, she's what you call a "true sweetheart" she's kind, cute bubbly with chubby cheeks and her most "innocent personality!" Which lures people towards her and gets easily taken advantage of without any care. Only if they knew what destiny had in store for them.. Only if he knew how ruthlessly he's going to loose his heart Join the journey of a cold hearted series.


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