My Girl
By anya_jayvyn
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  • tragic
  • youngadult


Cal Jackson's new life as a rockstar fails to account for one thing: the existence of the girl he loves. ***** She's perfect in every way. Beautiful. Smart. Her bright future is right there in front of her eyes. While here I am. Ruined. No college, let alone a future. Just an image of a wannabe rockstar with tattoed arms and an old guitar. I knew that our story would be no less than that tragic Romeo and Juliet shit the moment I laid my eyes on her, but still, I can't resist her. The moment she whispers my name, "Cal," I lose all sanity. She becomes my melody, my lyrics, the song that keeps echoing in my ears. People call her Mia. I call her my Amy, her name crafted above my beating heart, tattoed on my skin. Amelia Davis is my girl. Mine. And only mine. ***** © 2021 Anya Jayvyn. All Rights Reserved. Content warning: this book has descriptive sexual content and explicit language.


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My Girl
by anya_jayvyn