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This is a story of the Matsuno septuplets. Yes you heard me right. 7. Their mother must've been one heck of a strong lady to give birth to seven kids. Now before we get into anymore details, lets introduce the siblings. ❤️The oldest is Osomatsu or otherwise known as the pachinko man. 💙The second oldest is Karamatsu or otherwise known as the attention seeker try hard who just wants to be loved. 💚The third oldest is Choromatsu or otherwise known as the smart and normal one. 🖤The middle child is (y/n) or otherwise known as the combination of her brothers personalities and the only one who actually works and has a place of her own. 💜The third youngest is Ichimatsu or otherwise known as the lonely cat boy. 💛The second youngest is Jyushimatsu or otherwise known as the baseball lover who always has a big smile on his face. 💖And finally the youngest is Todomatsu or otherwise known as the cute but sly one who is very stylish. Come join these siblings to see what crazy adventures and things they do in their daily life as NEET's. ⚠️I DO NOT OWN OSOMATSU-SAN OR THE CHARACTERS!!!⚠️ ⚠️CREDITS TO THE CREATOR AND PRODUCTION STUDIO⚠️ I ONLY OWN Y/N'S CHARACTER DESIGN

Y/N Matsuno

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