dreamnap- break me
By Issa76490
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(contains, gore, abuse, self harm, bullying, shipping, fluff, flirting, one smut scene but I put a warning to you can skip) What happens when you mix one bully, failed classes, an abusive father while catching feelings for your best friend, well sapnaps about to find out. (Sorry change descriptions the plot of this story took a turn) Edit: oh my god thank you all for 5k reads that's insane Edit: A 100K WTF THANK YOU<33333333 IM SPEACHLESS HOLY HONK don't ship these people irl, I just like to use the characters because I am lazing and I am not good at creating characters. And also I think of the charecters like there minecraft skins and will be going by dream and sapnap, never clay or nick because I ship dream and sapnap not clay and nick if that makes any sense art is not mine, I cant find the artist it was just somthing off pinterest but if you know who the original artist is please let me know so I can give proper credit to the amazing artist

chapter 1 -only summer school

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by Issa76490