To see you again
By BelenDuarte365
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Years after the tragic death of the powerful pro hero couple Dynamight and Tide, their teen daughter, Katsumi, finds a way to go back in time to save them. During her journey, she will watch as her parents go through many hardships, create new friendships, enemies, and find love on their way to becoming Japan's top heroes. WARNING! This story will contain angst. Cover art is not my own: Could not find OG artist DISCLAIMER: I do not own any characters other than Katsumi, Shitori, and Y/N. ALL CHARACTERS OTHER THAN OC'S ARE FROM MY HERO ACADEMIA. I do not own the plot of My Hero Academia other than a couple of different plot points! TW: Family death, implied death, cursing, torture, violence Mature content possibly planned

Chapter 1

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To see yo...
by BelenDuarte365