Waiting Outside The...
By Comicality
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As an unknown teen actor on the big Hollywood scene, young Evan Elliot was overjoyed to be cast as one of the minor characters on one of his favorite TV shows, "The Walking Dead". Not only for the acting credit on his resume, but also because of his secret crush on fellow teen actor, Chandler Riggs. Attempting to make some kind of connection with his idol and love interest, Elliott is pushed tot he side as experienced actor Asa Butterfield is brought in to the series as well. To complicate things further, another fan of the show, Greyson Chance, has made a point of coming to watch the filming along with other fans of the series. When Greyson and Evan find a kindred spirit within one another, will a new relationship come to be, or will Evan be tempted by the crush he's harbored for so long before ever meeting Greyson? Check out this first chapter of the story! And look for more soon! :)

Waiting Outside The Lines (BoyxBoy)

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Waiting O...
by Comicality