Heart Wants What It...
By mysticalwriterx
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This isn't your typical romance story, or in this case, a typical Sheo story. This isn't about how the guy gets the girl and they fall deeply in love with each other, then they would ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. No. It's much more than that. >> Shailene Woodley has it tough when she goes back to film the movie, "Allegiant." She's been in love with her best friend ever since the day that she met him. Theo James. He would always flirt with her and give her mixed signals, but during that time, he was dating somebody else. She got so tired of thinking that he had feelings for her because he played the same game for years. When her other friend, Nahko, comes into the picture, Theo abruptly breaks up with his girlfriend. He confesses his love towards Shailene, but it's too late. She's taken. Hearts will be broken. Lives will be crushed. Will Shailene find out what her heart wants? {First Book}

Heart Wants What It Wants

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Heart Wan...
by mysticalwriterx