The Last Performanc...
By RosieRevenge
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Young Siren Sin, a previous noble ripped away from the life of innocence she once knew , lives with the Noah's Arc Circus. Due to the crimes the first stringers are committing it results in her coming face to face with the queen's guard dog, Ciel Phantomhive and his devilish butler, Sebastian Michaelis. Unlike most girls, Siren is a descendent of the Greek god Thanatos. As a result she has supernatural powers that will help aid herself as well as Ciel along their journey. Through the trials and tests set forth by the gods, will Siren be able to help Ciel with his mission? Or will she be the cause of his downfall? This truly will be the last performance... Dedicated to all of my friends and readers that have supported me all this time, as well as all of my fellow lovers of anime and manga. I do not own any of the characters or story plots mentioned from the anime/manga. They, along with the songs mentioned, all belong to their respective owners. I do, however, own every aspect of Siren and the story itself, please enjoy and please do not steal or repost this story with out giving me the credit and letting me know. thank you.

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The Last...
by RosieRevenge