Hearts of Ice (Loki...
By myimaginaryfriend00
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LokiXReader Fanfic. Bit of a Slow burner, compared to some I have read ❤️. When Y/N is caught up in an avengers mission concerning Hydra, she is no longer able to keep her powers hidden from the world. After being taken in for question by the team of superhero's the truth comes falling out. She is adopted by the team and adapts to life in the avengers tower. But when a certain God of Mischief is introduced she finds things out about herself she didn't even know were possible. Join Y/N, Loki and the avengers in a tale of love and war and find out if two Icey hearts can learn what love is. Also: Y/N is not a frost Giant 🙄 I have yet to edit this ❤️❤️ Also thank you for so many comments, I do read them all or try to. Some nice criticism is helpful so thank you for that too. If you really have something not too nice to say about my writhing please just Dm me instead of commenting- it does get me down after I poured my heart and soul into this- thank you xxxx

Chapter 1

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Hearts of...
by myimaginaryfriend00