Best Friends Foreve...
By YukiYero
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"Hello! Why are you crying?" "my mom told me that I'm a girlie girl, and that's hurts my feelings" "oh that's sad, should I call your friends to help you?" "I.. don't have any friends.." "oh.. me too.. Well wanna be friends?" "Oh, really? s-sure! my name is Kim Taehyung!" "and my name is Jeon Jungkook! And I guess we'll be going to be the best of friends!" Kook and Tae are just your ordinary boys from elementary to High school, They both stand on first place and would always bicker on who's going to be 2nd place. Taehyung is a fighter and loves to pick fights while Jungkook is on the softer side, but would also help his hyung to fight. Taehyung lacks the muscles and abs when you see him, But he'll drag you to hell when you fight him, While Jungkook is the complete opposite. They're both doing just fine until a b!t¢h came, and Taehyung didn't like it, it was Shin Y/n (Your/Name but make it your bad personality). The b!tches of all B!tches, she has a twin sister named Shin R/N (Readers/Name but make it your good personality). And R/n likes Taehyung while Y/n loves Jungkook. what should they do? Top = Tae Bottom = Kook Ships: Taekook Yoonminsope Namjin Chanlix (Chan + Felix) Minsung (Minho + Jisung) and many SKZ, TXT, & Enhypen ships (Enjoy ig 😭)

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Best Frie...
by YukiYero