Dear Diary - |H.S.|...
By harryspaintehdnails
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"i feel like I'm betraying her everyday. I cant stand to look at her during this moment that's so important to her knowing why im really here.." "why do I feel the need to do this every time. why cant I stop. why cant anyone finally love me." ---------- preview: "why didn't you tell me! why did you keep him a secret all this time knowing how much he means to me!" I can see him getting angrier as the seconds go by but at the same time I start seeing his eyes become... glossy. "because I knew it wasn't right! I knew you would get hurt- and look. I was right." this anger grew upon me and all of a sudden I couldn't control myself. I slapped him as hard as I could not knowing what came over me. "you know nothing about me. you don't get to choose what's right and wrong for me." I say with a shaky breath while my hand still stings from the hard slap I have him. "but i do know everything about you daisy. i just acted like a stranger." ------------- CONTAINS DRUG ABUSE/ INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE/ SEXUAL CONTENT/ MENTAL HEALTH NO TRANSLATIONS started: march 2021


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Dear Diar...
by harryspaintehdnails