Dark Sparks
By Soteria72
  • Romance
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • sci-fi
  • suspence


Fire and destruction. Death and sorrow. Pain and suffering. No one can escape the terror of the being that no one sees. It cuts a path of devistation in its wake. Any survivors, if any at all, are stained with the crimson screams of the anguished. It is beautiful, it is horrid, it is death. Matthius is a traveling scholar. Learns what he can, when he can and how he can. A common man with a dark and scarred past. Everything is fine until the day he finds a woman with what seems like memory loss. As he moves to help the woman, and himself, understand who and what she is, he finds himself tangled in a web of hate and malace and masacar that had stained his past. There seems to be only questions that moves him- Who is she? What is she? and Will this woman help repair the unbalanced world that he lives in?

Dark Sparks #1

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Dark Spar...
by Soteria72