The Regency Rules
By Blondeanddangerous
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It's the 2020's but Annie La Fontaine has one simple wish: to go back to a time when romance was a little more civilised, like her fav Victorian-era TV series. The men in her small, Australian town seem to be only interested in one night stands - and since her first love abandoned her seven years ago after taking her virginity, she has no intention of letting herself get used again. When her best friend suggests holding a weekly social event for the town to bring back some regency-style culture, Annie jumps at the chance to write the rules for once. Blake Byrne knows that he should stay away from Annie. Sleeping with his sister's best friend seven years ago was a mistake - and he has no intention of allowing a relationship to re-form between them. But when work draws him back to the town he swore to never set foot in again, he finds himself thrust into Annie's arms and he's not sure how long he can resist his feelings. As the Regency Balls begin to captivate the whole town, Annie finds herself with more eligible suitors than she'd ever imagined. So why can't she ignore the way her broken heart still calls out for Blake? If Blake wants to win her hand, he'll have to follow the Regency Rules to the (curly, Victorian-style) letter.

Chapter 1

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The Regen...
by Blondeanddangerous