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Denki Kaminari has never been the smartest, he knew that. And he was never affected by this. Until his friends started making fun of him. The people he thought he could trust, the people he thought he could talk to about anything, the people he thought he would laugh with until he died, talking about him behind his back. Even in the silence and comfort of his own dorm room, he isn't safe from the words being thrown at him left and right. Shinsou Hitoshi never really had any friends growing up. His classmates and himself never quite got along no matter how much his teachers tried to get him to socialize. He thought it would be the same for UA; he thought of this as just a stepping stone for becoming the pro hero he's always wanted to be. But, his plans change when an electric yellow blonde crosses paths with him. ~Cover art isn't mine, neither are the characters~ ~there is most likely going to have spelling mistakes, so PLEASE comment about it!~ ~TW- contains s*lf h*rm, s*uicidel thoughts, and a bit more. I will put trigger warnings on the chapters with these subjects, so look out for those~ ~Main ships are, shinkami, kiribaku, and maybe momojiro~

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