Pretty Venom |N.H|
By wdbhghoran
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How you gonna say that? Take it all back. Fuckin' with my head will make my heart attack. - When Jasey Foster agrees to join her father, owner of Foster Music Management, on tour with punk band, Pretty Venom, she finds herself fighting her morals and struggling to make sense of the world around her. Niall Horan, lead guitarist in the band, faces his own struggles finding himself in the world after having to escape the life he created for himself back home. His rockstar nights are followed by hungover and dreadful days as he searches for motivation in his clouded mind. "Do I make you nervous, Jasey?" he asks, looking down to me as he takes a step closer, awaiting the answer. I step backwards from him, shaking my head. He takes another step to me. "Use your words, Jasey." I finally step towards him, raising my head to face his. "Why would you make me nervous? Why would I waste my time worrying about a rude, entitled, selfish musician who has to have his friends save him from every mistake he makes? It's no wonder you had to leave Ireland. You probably couldn't own up to your poor decisions and now that you have three people who will cover your ass from any conflict you walk into, you don't care about your recklessness because you know there will be someone to clean up the messes you make." His lips slowly turn to a grin. "There she is. Keep going. " - HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 Niall Horan AU #1 Literature #1 Writing #2 Niall #62 Niall Horan #1 Niall Horan Fanfi #1 Band #1 One Direction STARTED MARCH 2021 ENDED JULY 2022


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Pretty Ve...
by wdbhghoran