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By dallonmonthes
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Patrick Stump has recently transferred to yet another new high school as his father continues to search for work. Due to loss of a family member back when he was very young, Patrick became mute, all thoughts and words fated to stay inside the recesses of his mind. At this school it affects him greatly as he becomes the target of Harper High's resident bullies. Then Patrick meets Pete Wentz, an extremely well-known socialite with a rough attitude. But underneath all those layers of juvenile superficiality, Pete is caring, protective, and kind, and wants one thing: for Patrick to be happy. Their opposite worlds collide into a beautiful mess, and in their wake they leave behind a collection of memories they'll never forget. • ab/ap!fob // this is a revised version of a fic with the same name on my account. however, you do not need to read the OG to read this one!

chapter one

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by dallonmonthes