Before the Morning
By TaintedRain
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Before his parents were killed in a gas station robbery, Nolan had accepted the existence of God with a steady nonchalance. But two years after their deaths, Nolan has decided that God probably doesn't exist-and if He does, he hates Him. To Nolan, a god who lets horrible things happen to people who don't deserve it isn't worthy of love. Nolan is now going through life ignoring the world around him. He doesn't want to get close to anything or anyone-what's the point if he's just going to lose them? But after a perky girl by the name of Nora decides to sit with him at lunch one day, it becomes quite clear that Nolan's life is no longer going to consist of trying to get through school without punching something, staying at home with his brothers, and shutting out the world around him. At first Nolan doesn't know what to make of Nora. He doesn't understand her love for Jesus or her unwavering faith. But as they get closer, and he gets to know her, he begins to understand. [I started out using this story for "The Reality Challenge" by interrogative, but ended up straying away from it.]

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