camboy // seungjin
By skzzzdream
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onlyfans? did the seemingly innocent seungmin secretly have a freaky side? hyunjin quickly put seungmin's phone back on the desk, his face flushing as mental images of seungmin touching himself flashed through his mind. hyunjin is more of the fuckboy, hooking up with people, drinking, and partying. your typical lax bro. seungmin is the diligent, hardworking student. he's definitely hot, but definitely innocent. or so that's what everyone thinks . . . 18+ for sex/smut, swearing this story features: seungjin minsung changlix jeongchan warning: this is a smutty story. if you don't feel comfortable with that, please don't continue. we respect sex workers in this household! (as long as it's all consensual okok). i will delete rude comments :) i don't encourage or condone underage drinking, it's just for the story. everyone in this story is an adult, whatever age that is in your country. this is an imagine, please don't take it seriously. enjoy! #5 kimseungmin - May 15, 2021 #35 hyunjin - June 16, 2021 #1 hyunjin - June 23, 2021 #1 minsung - August 23, 2021


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by skzzzdream