My dark Professor
By Zaynismybae17
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"I am a sick sick man, Lily. I can't stop." He whispers. "Infect me. I want to be sick too. If being sick makes me have you. Then poison me." ~~~~~ Lily Graham has a secret. One she hopes desperately no one will find out. No, she in fact has two secrets. She has a massive crush on her English professor. But who could blame her? He was a gorgeous brooding artist. All the girls surely had crushed on him. But things take a turn when she accidentally starts working in his house. Now she no longer just has a crush. She falls in love with him. But again, who could blame her? He has the face and body of a Greek god-the mind of a genius and the tongue of a rake. The other secret she cannot reveal. Unspeakable. ~~~~~~ One thing Caspar hates about teaching is that he sees everyone-especially those who do not want to be seen. Lily, as her name implies, was too beautiful to miss. How could he not see her when she is everything he wants and desperately wishes he does not? She was the missing last drop of his antidote. The cure to his poisoned heart. Except she was forbidden for him. Not only was she a decade younger, but also his student. Lines become blurry when he spends more time with her. Will he let society rules win or his desire?


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My dark P...
by Zaynismybae17