Seeing your skin (d...
By cas-will
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Hunter!Dean Stripper!Cas Top!Dean Bottom!Cas It's the fourth motel in 2 weeks and Dean is tired of moving around like this and to be alone. When John is out off town on a big case and Dean have the responsibility over Sam as always, he decides to get Sam with him to a club. The club seems regular and innocent, and Dean thinks it's an usual club, though it's a gay club. He meets Cas, an innocent boy that he calls Angel because of his innocence. Though this guy seems to be pretty much trouble. Castiel is an innocently painter that dreams about leaving the town and work with art. But as a young lost boy in the city with little money he got to sale himself on the gay club 'Pride Ride' where he works as a stripper and hooker. He's scared of his boss Alastair and feels unconfident outside the club. His life is all about the shitty work and his dreams, until he meets the kind Winchester guy that sees him as a human and not as a object. Swear words. Smut. Kink. Abusing. Most Destiel, a little Sabriel.

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Seeing yo...
by cas-will