Masquerading She-Wo...
By 0Mareish0
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- COMPLETED - Many think me a fiend. Think I'm the devil's spawn. Some think I'm their mates' murderer or that I've harvested their souls. Others think I was born to destroy male wolves' mates, breaking their cold hearts in the process. Most think I should be hunted, to stop my 'monstrous' heart. And few see me as an eighteen-year-old girl, who doesn't even know if she has a mate, what she is, or how she's able to morph into the mates of male wolves when eyes locked. But all these "thinks" are just rumors, making no one know who I am, what I am, or what my morphing abilities mean for their mates. But of course, they have to give me a name, which I have many; Cacodemon, Succubus, Imp, and even Hellhound. But the most common, and personally my favorite epithet I've been given is Masquerading She-Wolf. Though the last thing I would have thought was when my eyes locked with his, I wouldn't morph. ϰϰϰ Started: 3/6/2021 Ended: 6/25/21 Tags - #1 in luna (5/22/21) #1 in wolves (6/21/21) #1 in wolf (6/30/21) #1 in mate (7/5/21) #1 in werewolf (7/7/21) #1 in lovers (8/3/21) Cover made by @SophieSlape

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