The Boy Behind the...
By loser_boi_alec
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On Hold Walter is a slightly popular student at Kaydaville high. He plays football as a running back but doesn't like to stay in the spotlight for too long. He keeps to himself most of the time so that people don't end up finding out about his secrets or his past. But what happens when another bad grade gets him stuck with the school loser as a tutor? Alek is a strange and awkward boy. He doesn't talk much to people and always seems to be lost in his own little world. The kids at his school tend to bully him due to the spaced-out state he always tends to live in or because he seems like an easy target that never fights back, but that doesn't bother him. Instead, he embraces being the loser he is or, that people say that he is and happily lives in his imaginative world. But what happens when he has to tutor one of Kaydaville's football players?


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The Boy B...
by loser_boi_alec