The Wolf
By Wolfythedemonwolf666
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Dragging scythe that he made in his free time. It seemed a little too big for him to carry but he was able to. He felt no remorse but hunger and hate. He couldn't believe how much hate he had felt. But first he needed to eat so he dragged his father's corpse into the forest. Why did he not know it just felt right after all when you have been treated like an animal why not be one? not knowing what was in the woods.the spirits of others like him eating people because of hunger or hate.But as he ate and ate his father's corpse till there was nothing left but cleaned bones. And the feeling that he had after he ate his father he still felt hungry. Then a voice whispered to him sounding like it was coming from within his head.

chapter 1

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The Wolf
by Wolfythedemonwolf666