Season For Revenge...
By weshouldntbehere
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(Book #1 in the 'SEASONS' series) The mystery of Melanie Evans' brother, Micheal Evans, has been one nobody has yet solved. The people around her had declared him dead, his disappearance taking place exactly a year ago. But what happens when she crosses paths with Jack⸺ who claims to have evidence that may help them find him? "Mike⸺" Melanie froze, she hadn't heard his name in a while. "He's alive." Read about her journey, from working with an insufferable partner to trying to fight her growing feelings for him. Occasionally, finding herself face to face with her demons. "No!" Melanie gasped and took a step back, a shaky hand aided the wall while the other clutched her forehead. "Stay away from me." But was it all worth it?

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Season Fo...
by weshouldntbehere