Reborn To Be His Lo...
By n0uve4u
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Old hooligan Ling Feitong died and was reborn in the body of his ex-husband's new lover. He felt very unhappy. After his rebirth, Ling Feitong only had three dreams - to bring back the twins; To go back to becoming the pinnacle of life for the War God; After capturing his old lover, Mo Jia Hua, he dumped him mercilessly. However, the first two were easier, while the third one seemed like a dream. Ling Feitong: "I admit I lied to your feelings. I don't like you at all." "I heard you gave me a son?" Ling Feitong: "Really, I have no feelings for you." Mo Jia Hua asked, "And two of them?" Ling Feitong: "... Don't be narcissistic, don't think that everyone will love you because you're handsome. " Mo Jia Hua said, "Why don't we have another one?" Ling Feitong slammed the table, "... F * ck, I can't chat anymore today! " Mo Jia Hua smiled, "I am from the 'Action' faction. I have never liked chatting." Ling Feitong had died in battle. A person who was shameless and invincible in this world, and that person was so beautiful that even the heavens would explode and Su Potian would bring glory to his idol! Bringing his son to tease his exhusband, Ling Feitong slowly discovered that his dreaded ex-husband was actually different from what he had ever imagined.

Chapter 1

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Reborn To...
by n0uve4u